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Loot System has arrived!

Posted by Vorlian on Mon 12th Nov, 2018 at 11:57

Fix skin items

Implement retaining owner name and flagging item as stolen when looting from a player dead body. How it works: - Stolen items cannot be sold to shop.

- Items with a retaining owner name or stolen flag cannot be stacked with other items of the same type unless both the retaining owner name and the stolen flag match.

- Retaining owner name will stay the same and will only be removed when the item is given back to the owner.

- Stolen flag will remain on the item until it is given back to the owner (the player whose name is on the item, the retaining owner name)

- If the player who died was wanted or had perm criminal (at the time of death) then items looted will not flag as stolen but will still retain owner name (not sure if retaining owner name is correct).

- If the player who died was not wanted and does not have perm criminal then looting an item from the body will flag you as wanted and the item will retain the owner name and be flagged as stolen.

- When items are dropped to ground in the last stage of body decay, they will only retain the owner name when they are picked up, they will not be flagged as stolen.

Known issues: - owner name might not show until after a re-log because when looting because the info isn't available if player is offline (will fix soon).

 - Stolen equipped items will not drop 100% when die (will fix soon).

 - Gold is included and will retain an owner name and flag as stolen, not sure if this is correct.

Implement recovering of items from your own dead body using "space" when the dead body is in the first stage (second stage you can only drag the items out).

  • Thanks Finito!