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Dead Body Loot Timers, Latest Changes

Posted by Bassbounce on Wed 31st Oct, 2018 at 16:27

Hi all,

We finally got player dead body loot timers implemented which means your backpack is not immediately at risk of being looted when you die. This took some time as we wanted to ensure that the system we come up with was suitable to be applied to other systems where player ownership may be required such as quest items etc.

The current decay process is as follows;

Player Dies > Owner can retrieve items immediately > 2 minutes > Owner has to drag items to backpack to retrieve them > 2 minutes > Anyone can open and loot the dead body > 2 minutes > Dead body removed > Items drop to ground (not coded yet)

If the player didn't drop any items to their backpack when they died, the body will only be there for 2 minutes and then disappear to speed up the decay process.

In the near future we will also be adding monster dead body loot timers to ensure that they can only be opened by the player who killed them to prevent potential loot stealing with a timeout where the dead body can then be opened by anyone.

We have a plan to implement the Skinning tradeskill as well as enabling the Wearskin Knife to be used. I've already started to code some of this behind the scenes so it should hopefully not be much longer until this final tradeskill is finished and it is just a case of tweaking the success and exp rates just like the others as I mentioned previously.

There has been a number of changes since my last Journal entry;

  • Sheep can now be sheared.
  • When eating or drinking you will now be notified of the hunger points gained.
  • You can now feed other players (no beer, sorry!) and they will be notified and vice-versa.
  • Fruit can now be replanted.
  • Woolen items can now be crafted.
  • Ensure that spawned NPCs (GM/Events) will not spawn on an occupied tile to prevent stacking.
  • Fixed Vitality spell only giving 8 Constitution instead of 10.
  • Prevented Nourish spell from being cast when a player is not hungry.
  • Spell buffs will now remain on logout and re-apply when logging back in.
  • You can now obtain Fine Wood from regular trees.
  • Transmute spell now works as intended.
  • Obelisk and Rune Spires now work as intended.
  • You can now use String on unstrung items as well as a Pole to create a Fishing Pole.
  • Fishing Vest and Foraging Smock now work as intended.

Website Changes

  • You can now view the craft list for all craft tradeskills - https://www.dransikrebirth.com/craftlist/Carpentry or https://www.dransikrebirth.com/craftlist/Sewing etc. I still need to make an index for this with a drop-down selection.
  • You can now 'Pin' your character from the Characters page. A pinned character will be used for weapon DPS calculations etc so you do not have to select a character each time you login.
  • Armor items now show the protection value.
  • Added a new logo, credit goes to Rusku for the fan art.
  • Website is now fully mobile responsive.