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Major Milestones Reached

Posted by Bassbounce on Fri 26th Apr, 2019 at 10:32

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've written a Journal entry so thought it's time for a quick update.

Two major features that were lacking are now complete and live; the guild and party systems. The first of the two systems is the much-needed guild system so players can communicate in the game effectively. We looked to get this system in first as it was the easiest to implement. There were a few features we wanted to bring back to guilds like the ability to colour guild tags and guild names like previous versions of the game. This has been well received.

The party system went live yesterday 25/04/19 with a few minor issues that were quickly patched. We had the server configured to accept parties up to 20 members, however, the client has a hard limit of 10 members so this will be patched in the near future.

We added a few quality of life (QOL) changes;

  • The ability to stack runes.
  • WASD and ARROW key movement.

The next major milestones are as follows (in no specific order);

  • Quest System
  • Follower System
  • Damage System (disease, poison etc)
  • Dransik Time
  • Object Health (durability)
  • Music
  • Race Bonuses

Stay tuned for further updates.