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Jail System Live

Posted by Bassbounce on Fri 30th Nov, 2018 at 15:23

Hi all,

The jail system is now implemented;

  • Players will now be sent to jail for 10 minutes when their health falls below 150 when hit by a Guard.
  • When a player is sent to jail, they will equip jail clothes until leaving.
  • Players can crush Stones in the Stone Crusher to reduce their sentence time by 1 minute (stone stealing is a thing!).
  • There is an NPC in the Court Room to check the jail sentence time remaining. Once the sentence time is 0 and the player is not wanted (temp), they will then be released to recover their equipped/backpack items from the Jail Banker. The player must collect all their items from the Jail Banker before leaving.
  • If you kill a player in jail you will receive an additional 5 minutes to your jail sentence.
  • Criminals will be sent to a random Chaos Gate upon leaving jail. All other alignments will be sent to Lotor's Castle.