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What a journey..

Posted by Bassbounce on Thu 25th Oct, 2018 at 10:50

Hi everyone,

It's been just over 5 months since joining the team here at Dransik Rebirth.

I joined the team to take some of the strain off Vorlian and Finito and make a push on some aspects of the game that were not started or had very little implementation. The first chunk of work was to get all tradeskills coded and working as intended. This required all useable tradeskill items to be coded as well as any supporting objects such as an Oven, Forge, Mill etc. All tradeskills (except for Skinning) have been implemented. All that's left now is to tweak the success/exp rates of each one to ensure they are balanced and worthwhile.

Once the majority of tradeskills were coded, I then began to look at other elements of the game that were not started. These were namely; dead bodies, backpack drop plus a random equipment item, spell casting, useable items, resource system, weapon special effects and GM commands.

Alongside game development this website was developed to allow account creation for closed-testing and assist players with account management. It has now started to be built on top of with both Item and NPC details, Search, Drop List and DPS calculations as well as a Character overview and Armoury. The website is still a massive WIP as the game will always take priority over the website development. I've a few things in the pipeline with these Journals being one of them as well as a few ideas which I will share with you shortly.

Within that time, the game server has been developed significantly to enable some of the key functionality required to make the game experience more enjoyable. We are now gaining momentum towards a fully playable product. There is still much more to do but we have got a plan and that's what we are working towards each day with the help and support from the community within Discord and bugs being reported on Trello.

Right now, players are limited to Krythan Island, this is due to all ladders, cave entrances/exits and portals etc needing to be linked manually with a source and destination. Whilst this sounds like a simple task, there is no document out there or data readily available that we can reference to get all teleport locations and their destinations. Vorlian took this task upon himself to link all the portals for mainland to allow players to explore the world further. Around 450 teleport locations were identified and now each has a destination linked to them. It is likely that some destinations may be incorrect but I'm sure with the support of the community behind us we can quickly fix them.

PvP is off limits due to instant looting as there is currently no dead body timer. This is something Finito is currently working on as once this has been implemented we can then allow PvP to take place fairly.

Since joining the team, we have rented two Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to host both the game and website with the game server VPS being switched to a dedicated server in the near future to allow us to open up mainland.

I will keep you guys updated on progress as and when it develops.

For now, over and out!