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Latest Full Client - Includes 25/04/19 Client Patch


25/04/19 - Client Patch Mandatory



  • Party system has now been added with a member limit of 10.
  • Guilds now have a 100 member limit.
  • Characters that are a guild leader or a guild member cannot be deleted until they leave the guild. A message is shown when attempting to delete the character.
  • Trading an item that retains a character's name will now reset the owner (the name is removed).
  • An item that retains a character's name but is clean will now correctly force a new owner when it becomes looted (stolen).
  • Stolen items can now be secure traded back to the original owner.
  • Runes are now stackable.
  • Fix Blacksmith having wrong dead body type.


Download and extract the zip file contents to the 'Alpha_Client_v0X' folder and overwrite the existing files.