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Dransik Rebirth

Open Alpha has begun, download the game and create an account.

Dransik Rebirth is an on-going project to restore Dransik to the game it was prior to the controversial "Demon Spire" update.

Enter the world of Dransik Rebirth with a few minor skills and possessions and set forth to seek your destiny! Choose a profession. Master dozens of skills. Explore dark dungeons seeking wealth and magical artifacts. Battle great mythic beasts and uncover ancient secrets. Hunt down and dethrone evil tyrants. Along the road, you’ll meet and interact with thousands of other players as well as non player characters (NPCs).

Dransik Rebirth gives players something they long for... The chance to be a Hero!

If you are ready to begin your journey in the world of Dransik Rebirth, download the game and create an account. Good luck, adventurer!

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